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18th European Rogaining Championships. Leningrad region, Russia

ERC-2022 in Russia is cancelled



1. Event dates
May 28-29, 2022

2. Organizers

Russian Rogaining Federation (Saint Petersburg City and Leningrad Regional Branches)

3. Format and rules

The European Rogaining Championships will be held in accordance with the Rogaining Rules of the International Rogaining Federation published on the IRF website
Non-championship 8-hour rogaine will be held alongside. 
Changes in the rules
Clause B2 of the rules shall be read as follows:
Any team with a competitor under 18 years of age must include a competitor who is 18 years of age or older.
4. Event center

Ozero Zerkalnoye Recreation Center. 
Address: settlement of Zerkalny, Primorskoe urban settlement,
Vyborg Municipal District, Leningrad Region, Russia, 188831 
Exact location: N60.245538, E29.129450

Directions to the competition center:

  • by train: from Finlyandsky Railway Terminal in Saint Petersburg to Zerkalny station, then about 1 km by foot;
  • by car: drive to Zelenogorsk, then take Primorskoye highway; after passing Zelenaya Roscha sign (approx. 33 km) turn right to follow Zerkalny sign, then drive about 11 km to Ozero Zerkalnoye Recreation Center.

5. Competition area

The competition area is about 300 square kilometers.

Competition area and event center location:

Training with any kind of map within the indicated area is forbidden for European Championships participants from December 2021 until the start of ERC2022. Exceptions include orienteering events (only orienteering but not rogaining or any kind of adventure races) held by or under responsibility of the Orienteering Federations of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

The competition area is located in the western part of the Karelian Isthmus at the altitude of 0 to 100 m above the sea level. Terrain is of glacial origin with elongated hills and lake hollows. There are many water bodies - large and small lakes, streams and swamps. Their water levels and passability depend on precipitation during previous periods including preceding winter. Most of the area is forested with mostly coniferous and mixed forests, dominated by pine, spruce and birch. Forests passability is mostly good and average; poor passability is probable in areas near water bodies. Forest passability will not be indicated in the competition map.

Small animals (hare, fox, beaver and squirrel) predominate in the fauna; competitors may encounter large animals like elk and wild boar.

The area is moderately populated. The settlements and villages are located mostly in the vicinity of main roads, lakes and Gulf shore. A network of roads, tracks and paths is well developed. Passage through settlements is only aloud by public roads indicated in the map.

The area previously hosted orienteering and short rogaining events; there are orienteering maps and rogaining maps of about 130 square kilometers.

6. Map

Map scale 1:30000

Contours interval 5 m

Map symbols: a special set of symbols for rogaining. Map symbols description will be displayed on the official website and in the competition center, as well as printed on separate sheets for issuing to participants.

Conventional topographic maps, satellite images, existing orienteering maps together with own 2020-2021 fieldwork materials have been used to produce the competition map.

Map fragments:

7. Safety

Low intensity railroad crosses the event area with 6 trains per day moving at low speed and at daytime only. Competitors are allowed to cross the railroad at any point; however, caution should be taken to make sure there is no train in sight.

Public roads will be open for traffic during the championships. When running/walking along roads or crossing them you should be careful and keep to the left-hand roadside of the road, facing oncoming traffic.

The competition area is bounded by Vyborgskoye highway from northeast. It is forbidden to cross it and travelling along it.

The competition area is limited by the coast of the Gulf of Finland in the south; Primorskoye highway runs along the shore. Competitors are allowed to cross it only at dedicated crossing points indicated in the map.

8. Electronic punching and results processing system

Enhanced SFR system developed by Sportservice Company will be used. SFR electronic chips store up to 122 punches with intermediate times and ensure contactless punching. Electronic chips will be provided to all participants by the organizers.

SFR Event Center software package by Sportservice will be used to provide event results.

9. Visiting checkpoints and teams live tracking

In order to gain points for visiting a checkpoint all team members must record their visit to a checkpoint within 60 seconds.
The organizers will distribute about 100 tracking devices (GPS-trackers) among the teams, which shall be carried all the time while on course. The list of teams to carry trackers will be provided after registration. The organizers may use the tracker data in order to monitor participants' compliance with the rules (detection of forbidden areas crossing, resting within 100 m from a checkpoint etc.)

10. Participants and categories

Team composition: 2 or 3 participants. Each team member represents the country of which he or she is a citizen or a permanent resident.

Participant categories:

Men, Open (MO) - men, no age restrictions
Women, open (WO) - women, no age restrictions
Mixed, open (XO) - at least one man and one woman, no age restrictions
Men, youth (MY) - men, all under 23 years of age
Women, Youth (WY) - women, all under 23 years of age
Mixed, Youth (XY) - at least one man and one woman, all under 23 years of age
Men, Veterans (MV) - men, all aged 40 and older
Women, Veterans (WV) - women, all aged 40 and older
Mixed, Veterans (XV) - at least one man and one woman, all aged 40 and older
Men, Super Veterans (MSV) - men, all aged 55 and older
Women, Super Veterans (WSV) - women, all aged 55 and older
Mixed, Super Veterans (XSV) - at least one man and one woman, all aged 55 and older
Men, Ultra Veterans (MUV) - men, all aged 65 and older
Women, Ultra Veterans (WUV) - women, all aged 65 and older
Mixed, Ultra Veterans (XUV) - at least one man and one woman, all aged 65 and older

Participants' ages are determined as of 28.05.2022.


11. Event program 

Thursday, May 26, 2022
Opening of the event center
Model training

Friday, May 27, 2022
Model training
Registration of participants in the event center
The opening ceremony of the European Rogaining Championships

Saturday, May 28, 2022
Registration of participants in the event center
Map distribution
Start of ERC and 8-hour rogaine
Finish of 8-hour rogaine, prize-giving ceremony

Sunday, May 29, 2022
ERC finish
Prize-giving ceremony

Monday, May 30, 2022
Closing of the field camp, departure of participants

The detailed schedule will be provided in future bulletins.

12. Awards

The first three teams in each competition category are awarded with medals and prizes.

13. Registration for participation

Pre-registration for the competition will be open on the official ERC website from the date of receipt of approvals, but no later than 31.01.2022. The end of pre-registration for participation in the European Rogaining Championships is 10.05.2022.

Change of entered team members is possible until 10.05.2022 at no additional charge. If an additional participant is added to a two-person team, the entry fee for that participant shall be paid in the amount stipulated as of the date of the team change.

No entries can be submitted during registration at the event center. It will be possible to change composition of a team during registration at the event center for an additional fee (no new participants to be added), see paragraph 14 for details.

The end of pre-registration for participation in the non-championship 8-hour rogaine is 26.05.2022.


14. Entry Fees

Entry fee per participant of the European Rogaining Championships depending on the payment date:

- no later than 12.02.2022 – 5400 rubles;
- no later than 31.03.2022 – 7200 rubles;
- no later than 10.05.2022 – 8100 rubles.

Entry fee per participant of the 8-hour non-championship rogaine depending on the payment date:

- no later than 12.02.2022 – 2000 rubles;
- no later than 31.03.2022 – 2500 rubles;
- no later than 26.05.2022 – 3000 rubles.

Participants under the age of 18 and aged 65 and older (as of 28.05.2022) will receive a discount of 25% of the specified amount of the entry fee.

Payment is made via secure online payment system on the ERC website using a bank card during registration. For bank cards in currencies other than Russian rubles currency conversion fees might apply.

Change of team composition while registration in the event center (except when reducing the number of team members from three to two) – 500 rubles for each team member being changed.

Refund policy in case of a team withdrawal:

- no later than 31.03.2022 – 100 % of the entry fee is refunded (minus the fees for the transfer of funds by the bank or payment system)
- no later than 30.04.2022 – 50 %
- in case of entry cancellation after 30.04.2022 the entry fee is not refundable.

In case of cancellation of the competition for reasons beyond the control of the organizers before 31.01.2022, 100% of the entry fee (minus fees for transferring funds by bank or payment system) is refunded to participants, after 31.01.2022 – 70% of the entry fee. In case the ERC is postponed to another dates, all entries previously submitted will stay valid. Teams that cannot take part in the ERC on the new dates will be refunded in the amount of 70 % of the entry fee upon their request.

The entry fee covers the costs of organizing and holding the competition, map, electronic chip rental, camping accommodation in own tents in the event center, parking, model training map and course, catering during the rogaine, first aid in the event center, prizes and awards, souvenirs, the IRF and RRF levies.


15. Weather and climate

In late May weather conditions on the Karelian Isthmus are most favorable for 24-hour rogaining.

Daytime temperatures reach 15-25 degrees Celsius; nighttime temperatures reach 10-15 degrees Celsius. Probability of rainfall is lower compared to that of other months of the year.

16. Sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset

Sunset: 22:06.
End of civil twilight: 23:27.

Beginning of civil twilight: 2:34.
Sunrise: 3:55.

28-29.05.2022 will mark a new moon.

17. Travel to the event center

For the majority of ERC participants travel to the event center is most convenient via Saint Petersburg.

As of the date of publication of the bulletin, the city of St. Petersburg is connected by::

  • air flights with most European countries (Pulkovo International Airport);
  • railway trains with most cities of the European part of Russia, as well as with Minsk and Helsinki;
  • bus service with Belarus, Finland and Estonia.

Travel from Saint Petersburg to the event center:

  • by suburban train from Finlyandsky Railway Station to «Platform Zerkalny» station, then about 1 km by foot;
  • by private or rented car: drive to Zelenogorsk, then take Primorskoye motorway (A-122); after passing Zelenaya Roscha sign (approx. 33 km) turn right to follow Zerkalny sign, then drive about 11 km to Ozero Zerkalnoye Recreation Center;
  • by charter bus from Saint Petersburg or Zelenogorsk, prior booking required. By request, the transfer to the competition center may be organized directly from Pulkovo airport or from any railway station.

More detailed information about the participants' travel options, including the organization of transfers, will be published in the news of the competition website and in subsequent newsletters.


18. Accommodation and meals

The event center is located at Ozero Zerkalnoye Recreation Center. The hotel provides 2/3-bed rooms of different categories as well as apartments and can accommodate about 200 guests. It is possible to arrange meals for participants in the hotel restaurant by prior request.

In case there are no vacant rooms in Ozero Zerkalnoye hotel various accommodation options are available in hotels in Saint Petersburg and Zelenogorsk.

Accommodation in own tents will be available in the tent camp within the territory of the Recreation Center. Recreation Center shared facilities (WC, shower) and medical service will be available to those accommodated in tents. Gas stoves are required for cooking food. Arbors with tables are available for having meals.

Ozero Zerkalnoye Recreation Center website:

More detailed information on accommodation and meals for participants will be specified in future bulletins.


19. Accompanying persons 

Accompanying persons will be charged an additional fee for parking, lodging and meals at the competition center. The cost of these services for accompanying persons will be specified in future bulletins.


20. Insurance and liability

Participants participate in the event at their own risk. We recommend that participants have personal health and/or travel insurance. Participants are responsible for their own health and for insurance against accidents and possible injuries. Parents/guardians take responsibility for participants under the age of 18. During registration at the Competition Center each team member (in the case of minors, parents or guardians) shall sign an indemnity form indicating that the participant is solely responsible for his/her health and any possible accidents or injuries during the rogaine. Indemnity form will be published with pre-event information.


21. Personal data

By submitting the entry form each participant agrees that the organizers may use his/her personal data (name, surname, age, nationality) in written and/or electronic form including the lists of participants, start and result lists, news and event overviews both at the event center and on the event website as well as other webpages. The organizers will also send a copy of the complete final result list to the IRF.


22. Visa information

Citizens of Belarus, Israel, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine do not need a visa to enter the Russian Federation.
Currently, electronic visas to Russia are not issued; foreign participants should apply for regular visas to the Russian Consulates and Embassies in their countries of residence.
Detailed up-to-date information about the countries with which a visa-free regime with Russia, about the procedure and required documents for obtaining visa is available on the website of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia The organizers will prepare the official invitations for foreign participants required to apply for a visa to the Russian Federation. To receive invitations and/or to get any other information on visiting Russia, please, contact the organizers by e-mail no later than one month prior to your intended entry into the Russian Federation.

If the electronic visas to Russia will be available again, the organizers will immediately inform about it at the competition website.


23. COVID-19 related restrictions

According to the Decree of the Government of the Leningrad Region dated 13.08.2020 No. 573 (edition of 15.11.2021), there are currently no restrictions on holding outdoor sports events in the Leningrad Region. The participants and accompanying persons are required to maintain social distance and wear protective masks both at the event center and when using public transport.
It is, however, possible that the ERC will be canceled or postponed if restrictions on holding sports events in the Leningrad region are announced. The organizers will consider the necessity for cancellation or postponement until 31.01.2022 in accordance with the restrictions in force at that time. For the policy of refunding the entry fees in this case, see the information in paragraph 14 of the bulletin.

According to the Decree of the Government of Russia dated 16.03.2020 No. 635-R (edition of the 10.12.2021) the citizens and permanent residents of the following European countries: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland are currently allowed to enter Russia for non-essential purposes only by air.

The citizens of these countries, if necessary, should apply for regular visas to the local Russian consular institutions according paragraph 22 of the bulletin. Unfortunately, visas to Russia are currently not issued for the citizens of other European countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania) traveling with non-essential purposes. The organizers will do all their best to resolve this problem.
Entering Russia is also possible:

  • via air border crossing points for citizens of Ukraine (but not for permanent residents of Ukraine);
  • via railway crossing points for citizens of Belarus and permanent residents of Belarus;
  • via railway crossing points for citizens of Finland (but not for permanent residents of Finland).

According to the resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Russia dated 18.03.2020 No. 7 (edition of 04.12.2021), all foreign citizens and stateless persons entering Russia must carry a printed paper certificate of the negative PCR test (in Russian or English) dated no earlier than 48 hours before entry. Quarantine upon arrival is not required.
Information about all changes in the policy of entering to Russia and other restrictions related to COVID-19 will be published in the news section of the event website and in subsequent newsletters.


24. Training opportunities

Each year Leningrad Region hosts about 20 rogains of 4-hour to 24-hour duration as well as many orienteering events. Information on rogaining events in the region will be published on the Championships website.


25. The organizing team

Victor Rylov – Event director and map developer

Aleksandr Shirinyan – Deputy event director

Ilya Stroganov – ERC website administration, IT support

Sergey Smirnov – course planning and setting

Aleksandr Kopelevich – course vetter

Nikolay Bormenkov – Competition Center Management

Oleg Kalinin – the Russian Rogaining Federation inspector


Contact information

Victor Rylov: phone +79112121543 (Russian, Finnish), E-mail  

Aleksandr Shirinyan: phone +79213245332 (Russian, English), E-mail


Bulletin No. 2 will be published by 31.01.2022.